Lexmark C920 T640 W840 Laser Printer 100-pin Memory Upgrade


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Manufacturer Keystron, LLC
Equivalent OEM part number 128MB (13N1523); 256MB (13N1524); 512MB (13N1526)
Memory Type 100-Pin PC2700 DDR DIMM
Compatible Printer Models
Lexmark C514, C522, C520, C522n, C514, C524, C524DN, C524DTN, C530DN, C532, C532DN, C532N, C534dn, C534dtn, C534N, C540N, C543DN, C544N, C770N, C772N, C780DN, C780DTN, C780n, C782n, C782dn, C782dtn, C920 Series, C920n, C920dn, C920dtn, C920n, C935dn, C935DTN, C935HDN, E260N, E460DN, T640 Series, T640DN, T640DTN, T640N, T640TN, T642 Series, T642DTN, T642N, T642TN, T644 Series, T644DTN, T644n, T644TN, T650N, T652N, W840 Series, W840DN, W840DNM, W840N, X543DN, X544N, X642e MFP, X644e MFP, X646DTE MFP, X646E MFP, X646ef MFP, X782E MFP, X850e MFP, X852e MFP, X854e MFP, X940E MFP, X945e, COLOR LASER PRINTER C782DN, C782DTN, Toshiba e-Studio 205CP, 360CP, 500P.
Device Information 1 memory slot is available.  A maximal of 512MB memory upgrade can be added.


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