Brother HL DCP Laser Printer 100-pin SDRAM MEMORY DIMM


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Manufacturer Keystron, LLC
Equivalent OEM part number 64MB (p/n: 26526), 128MB (p/n: 26527)
Memory Type PC100 SDRAM 100-pin 3.3 V DIMM
Compatible Printer Models
Brother DCP-8000 Series 8020, 8025D, 8025DN, 8040, 8045, 8045D, HL-1600 (HL 1600), HL-1650, HL-1650/LT, HL-1650N, HL-1670N, HL-1850, HL-1870N, HL-2400Ce, HL-2400 CeN, HL-2460, HL-2460DTN, HL-2460N, HL-2460TN, HL-2600, HL-2600CN, HL-3260N, HL-3260ND (HL 3260ND), HL-3400CN, HL-3450CN, HL-5000, HL-5040, HL-5050, HL-5050LT, HL-5070N, HL-5070DN, HL-5100, HL-5140, HL-5140, HL-5150D, HL-5150DLT, HL-5170DN, HL-5170 DNLT, HL-6050, HL-6050D, HL-6050DN, HL-6050 DW, HL-7050, HL-7050N, HL-8000 (HL 8000), HL-8050, HL-8050N, MFC-8000 Series 8220, 8220D, 8220DN, 8420, MFC-8440, 8440D, 8440DN, 8440N, 8820D, 8820DN, 8840D, 8840DN.
Device Information 1 memory slot is available.  A maximal of 128MB memory upgrade can be added.


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