512MB PC133 144-pin SODIMM Memory Ram for Gateway solo 200 200STM M1200 1450 5350 9500


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Compatible with Gateway 200 (SDRAM), 200STM, M1200, Solo 1450, 1450se, 1400SE Pro, 1450LS, 1450SP, 1450X, 5350cl, 5350ls, 5350xl, 9500cx 850, 9500cx 900, 9500LS, 9500LS Deluxe, 9500se Deluxe, 9500xl Deluxe, 9550cl, 9550cl Deluxe, 9550ls, 9550se, 9550se Deluxe, 9550xl, 9550xl Deluxe, 955ls, 955ls Deluxe, Tablet PC (Pentium III 933MHz) Notebook, Tablet PC Deluxe PIII 866, Tablet PC PIII 866, Tablet PC PIII 933.